Overview is an online delivery auction website. The primary intention of this site is to provide cheap transport solutions to clients.Auctigo helps each customer to obtain most appropriate bids for their delivery. For a transport provider who operates on a predefined route run their vehicle with part or empty loads.Auctigo helps these haulage suppliers to fill their empty spaces. Net Co2 emission is reduced because Auctigo efficaciously utilizes the unused vehicle spaces of parcel delivery and courier services. This makes the environment more greener and brings more courier jobs for these firms. This scheme reduces the total number of vans running since customers are loading their consignment on the fleets already traveling in a specific direction. The fleet companies companies signed up with Auctigo are on the TerraPass Carbon offset method. This scheme will help the firm to offset the carbon from the trip. This makes each delivery more greener.
A customer who wishes to ship certain parcel publishes the details of their courier jobs on with pickup and delivery location details. For this listing, there is no commitment with Auctigo, and it is absolutely free of cost.Transport companies look for extra courier jobs to fill their empty spaces, and they bid your shipment on a reverse auction format. So the client will receive hundreds of bids on the listed shipment. The customers select the suitable bid after analyzing the reputation and the price quoted by them. Customers can easily judge the reputation of the feet companies by studying the feedback score given on Auctigo .


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